Официальная свадьба на Кипре

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Organising Marriage on Cyprus

Официальная свадьба

Formal marriages


Church wedding

Символическая свадьба

Formal marriages

Aleksey and Kseniya


Our team was happy to create the fairy tale for these two in love with each other.

Their formal ceremony took place at Aphrodite’s place of birth with their nearest and dearest ones.

To snap some magnificent photos we visited both White Rocks in Paphos before the beginning of the ceremony and Aphrodite’s beach during sunset after the end of the ceremony.

Bride’s bunch of flowers would embellish completely the arch in warm hues and accessories in Provence style, which perfectly suited to the surroundings.

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Наша команда была рада создать эту сказку для влюбленных ребят.

Их официальная церемония прошла на месте Рождения Афродиты в кругу
самых родных и близких.

Для красивых фотографий мы посетили Белые Скалы Пафоса перед официальной частью и берег Афродиты на закате после нее.

Букет из живых цветов невесты полностью дополнят арку в теплых тонах
и аксессуары в стиле «Прованс» прекрасно сочетались.

Additional services

Свадебный кабриолет

Car rental

Any type of transport:

Retro, bus, cabriolet, motorcycle

Свадебная фотосессия


Capturing the best moments

from the wedding ceremony

Свадебные площадки

Romantic dinner

A romantic dinner near the sea

that will forever be remembered

Свадьба на яхте

Informal marriage on yacht

In the course of time the marriages of other couples,

which were celebrated at restaurants and lodge halls,

would not leave an imprint on guests’ memory, but your marriage will due to the breadth of feelings.

When we asked the betrothed pair what the emotions they got during the celebrating the event on the yacht, their answer was that it was hardly possible to convey with words but feel!

Client’s testimonials

Ivan and Olga

Violetta, I thank you for helping us to feel like in a fairy tale! You are a very sensitive, attentive and caring person, a professional of their craft! It’s great that you managed to assemble such a professional team. I would like to say special thanks to the florist Olya for the magnificent bouquet, boutonniere and decoration of the venue for the celebration. I was pleased with the work of stylist Marina, who was able to create a suitable image. Taking pictures suitable image. Taking pictures with Pepi was amazing! He suggested the most successful shooting ideas. And now we can remember the bright moments of our weeding at any time!

Символическая церемония Кипр